I now understand why my back hurt, and was given instruction on how to ensure it won’t hurt. Very professional and I am grateful that my back doesn’t hurt anymore because of you.

About Us

Waldron’s Peak Physical Therapy (WPPT) in Boulder was founded by Audrey Waldron, PT in 2002 with the principles of integrity, caring and compassionate service, motivation, enthusiasm, education, versatility and adaptability.  Over the years the practice has continued to grow. In 2009, WPPT acquired PRO Physical Therapy, also of Boulder and the two clinics merged into one facility.  In December of 2012 Waldron’s Peak acquired Sirona PT in Golden, Colorado.  Pro Physical Therapy was established by Barbara Tschoepe, PT, PhD and Sirona PT was established in 2004 by Allison Schatz-Hildreth, PT, DPT.  Both of these individuals and practices were established with the same core values. It was important to both Barb and Alison that their patients and communities continued to be served with these values when seeking physical therapy care.

Together, Waldron’s Peak and Sirona Physical Therapy are highly regarded physical therapist owned practices recognized for providing personalized expert care with integrity and social responsibility. We are unique in our impact on our clients and the community through education, service, and research to promote a culture of physical therapy excellence. Our practices empower our clients and community to optimally live, play, work and perform.

WE strive to empower our clients with education and tools to proactively care for themselves to allow them to attain and maintain peak performance.

What makes Waldron’s Peak and Sirona physical therapy different from other physical therapy clinics?

  • All our clinicians have been trained at the doctoral level (DPT)
  • All of our therapists attend numerous continuing educational events every year.
  • Several of our therapists have continued to further their education and training by becoming recognized as specialists in orthopedics (OCS) and Fellowship trained in manual therapy (AAFOMPT)
  • All of our therapists are members of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA).  Many serve their professional association through participation on state and national committees.
  • Our therapists lecture on a state and national level due to their expertise in clinical, educational and professional issues.
  • We have therapists that are either full time faculty or affiliate faculty at both of our Colorado  physical therapy educational programs (Regis University and The University of Colorado Health Physical Therapy Programs)
  • We provide one on one care from start to finish!  Each and every session will be with licensed physical therapists; highly trained and skilled professionals.  The time you spend investing in the care of your body will be time well spent!


If you are not sure where you want to access care or you are unsure if you are getting the very best care…shop around! Interview different places and therapists!  You have a choice in the care you receive! You deserve to receive the very best care!